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About Denise deLorean

As an Artist and life-long Student of Consciousness, uncovering the deeper meaning and Beauty has been a way of life for me as far back as I can remember.  I am fortunate to have grown up in Pennsylvania during the innocence of the 50’s and 60’s when it was relatively safe for children to roam freely.  We lived in the suburbs on the fringes of rolling green farmlands that began just on the other side of a woods behind our home.  The Woods was a childhood sanctuary, a wonderland of birds, rabbits, frogs, crayfish, and tadpoles that swam along a winding stream that eventually led to a cascading waterfall surrounded by a lush carpet of violets… and monkey vines perfectly placed for us to swing Tarzan-style to the other side.  It was a gathering place, a place to nurture the inner explorer, a place to escape the rigors of the real world and rest in the sanctity and safety of childhood. Although our Eden no longer exists, it remains one of the most sacred memories of my childhood, a place I still visit in moments of nostalgic reflection.  If the Woods could be defined in a word, it would be Beauty!  This sacred place awakened the Artist within and shaped my Identity in ways I could not have imagined at the time.  

One could say Beauty and making things Beautiful is in my DNA.  Some of my ancestors were musicians and artists from Italy.  My father was a highly skilled artisan, a builder of the homes that made up our neighborhood.  I recall a special moment when he drew for me a tree with real branches, unlike the scalloped, green lollypop I was drawing at the time.  He gave me the gift of attention to detail and seeing things with a refined eye.  My mother taught me to knit, sew, and dance and gifted me with piano lessons and our first piano.  

Others who influenced me with their Gifts  

My childhood friend “Annie” Mudge is an accomplished artist in California, also inspired by the Woods.  She demonstrated the gift of self-expression and influenced my desire to pursue art and play the piano.  We explored together, created together, and together each entered the high school science fair winning first place in our respective grades.  

I credit my older brother Tony “T” for opening my mind in a new way at the age of sixteen by gifting me a book by Robert Collier call The Secret of the Ages.  That was the beginning of an obsession with personal growth and understanding the human potential.  Although it was secretly driven by an insatiable desire to be good enough, that desire is the very thing that prepared me for my future purpose as a Coach and Energy Healer. 

Then there’s my younger sister, Lynn.  She cannot be omitted because, after all, she was my first unwitting canvas.  At the age of four, with a very un-refined eye, I cut her bangs (after cutting my own) to make her even more Beautiful! 

Recently, my friend of forty-five years, Brenda, gifted me with everything I needed to set up an art studio in my home to support my return to the joy of creating Fine Art, after setting it aside for many years to pursue other things. 

A Greater Purpose

It seems Life has had my back all along, leading me down the perfect path that culminated in the varied ways I express myself today, all centered around the theme of Beauty.  I believe we each have a greater purpose for which life prepares us, distinctive ways in which we are designed to impact others and further Beautify the world.  As I examine my life more closely, I’m able to see how the experiences that shaped my life and identity were the catalysts that caused me to look deeper.  From there I am able to see the perfection and Beauty, not only within those experiences but within the masterpiece of Life itself.     

My humble desire is to uplift and touch the Hearts of others through the Beauty discovered and expressed in my own life.  That they too may remember to see with a refined eye, the gift of Beauty life has to offer… exquisitely expressed through the inner Beauty, outer Beauty, and boundless Beauty that surrounds us.  

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